Building my confidence

Tolin, a young woman who loves reading true crime books and skateboarding, has moved a lot in the past few years. Fleeing the violence in Syria, her family was sponsored by relatives in Saudi Arabia, before finally coming to Canada two years ago. 

As a newcomer and a teenager, it can be daunting to start over in a new country, both socially and academically. Her school referred her to our Pivot program where she met our youth worker Crystal and the two formed a close bond. 

Over the holidays, they volunteered together making greeting cards for the elderly. They are also working on Tolin’s CV so she can find a first job and finishing up her application to CEGEP where she hopes to study health sciences. Having Crystal by her side has given her confidence and a trusted person to talk to and rely on. In her own words: “talking to Crystal is the best part of my day.”
The PIVOT program youth workers integrate the school setting to act as an extension of its internal support system. They identify the needs of the participants and connect them to the resources they need in the community, complementing the school services, and expanding their support network.

This helps them build confidence, succeed in school and in life, and go on to contribute to building stronger and more resilient communities.