The power to make a difference

Sophie had just been hired in the communications department at the Downtown YMCA when the pandemic hit. Although she was suddenly no longer needed, she was determined to help and immediately contacted the community program managers to lend a hand.

She first worked with Cantine Mobile, a program implemented during the first wave of the pandemic, which provides meals to vulnerable people. Every day, she would crisscross the city parks handing out lunch boxes and essential items. It was while she spent day after day helping the people who needed it most, that everything suddenly clicked. She realized she had the ability to really make a difference in people’s lives.

Sophie took her work a step further and today manages the Réseau d’action communautaire program, where she leverages her expertise by guiding young participants in community action projects. She hopes that they too will experience their “aha moment” and have a concrete impact in their community.