Message from the Presidents

This past year was another challenging one for all of us, as individuals, organizations, and as a society. It was a year of shuffling and reshuffling as programs and services shut down and reopened. Year 2 of the pandemic forced us all to become masters in the art of adaptation. If one thing was now clear, it was how fast the world around us could change. And, in turn, how we had to change to meet new needs, new habits, and new ways of living.

These profound changes forced us to adapt, building up our resilience to get through these difficult times and better prepare for the challenges that lay ahead. As individuals and families continued to struggle through the pandemic, the Y focused on providing the services and tools to help them cope—childcare and day camp programs, financial assistance, stimulating kids and youth activities, social inclusion services, sports, fitness and aquatic activities, food assistance, and many others. Because for us, these are the very building blocks of resilience and well-being.

And more than ever, we were reminded that building resilience requires more than just the right tools. We also need a strong and caring support network. In 2021, we once again witnessed an incredible show of solidarity. Our committed staff and volunteers worked relentlessly day after day to support our members and participants, our generous donors gave in record amounts, and our partners, some old, some new, lent their support to help us transform, so we could continue to have a positive impact far beyond our walls and beyond the pandemic.

It is thanks to all of you that we celebrated our 170th anniversary this year and that we feel ready to take on the challenges of the future. 

Community support has carried us through the years, and today, you show us what it means to be part of the big Y family—a caring community where everyone is welcome and encouraged to thrive and fulfill their potential. You showed us that together it is always easier to rise to the challenge.

Thank you!

Claudie Imbleau-Chagnon


YMCAs of Québec Foundation

Nancy Audette

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

YMCAs of Québec

Stéphane Vaillancourt

President and CEO

YMCAs of Québec